KKR Internal Portal

KKR Internal Portal


In 2015, KKR faced a steep challenge: rebuild the company’s employee intranet as a fully content-managed website that could be leveraged by the Public Affairs department to provide news, resources, documentation, and key services across the firm’s 25 international locations.

Today, the KKR Central intranet is a fully-secure, external website that hosts internal links, resources, and files, all organized through a customized WordPress CMS. The site also supports numerous custom features, including: an international clock/meeting times calculator, a user-editable stock tracker, automatic daily RSS news imports, and a unique system to manage user

permissions sent from KKR’s ADFS database. STUDIO has a monthly maintenance contract in place.


The real challenge in the bones of the KKR Intranet was marrying ADFS user roles and custom permissions into persistent WordPress user profiles, and then using those WordPress profiles to control content presentation to specific groups.

In order to allow KKR’s ADFS to control access to the portal and restrict content, a custom SAML “Auth Proc” was created.

The Auth Proc code allows values returned for a given user to be converted into the user’s profile info as well restrict / grant access to content on a per-content basis. An example of our Auth Proc methods is reproduced at right.