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Studio llc. is looking for an iOS developer in the Santa Cruz, CA area. Although Santa Cruz would be our preference, we have other offices in Hoboken, NJ and Buffalo, NY — either of those office locations would be fine as well. The position is open for freelance or full-time. Requirements are as follows:


  • 2+ years iOS experience, preferably developing apps that employ:
    • UIKit functionally with navigation controllers and interactive elements
    • RESTful web services to access server side data
    • MVC object oriented programming
  • Processing users current location using GPS
  • Social media integration (facebook, twitter)
  • Experience with AJAX feeds utilizing JSON and/or XML
  • The ability to describe the benefits of an MVC framework


  • Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures and computer science fundamentals
  • Self-sufficient, self-organized, and able to work with teams of developers in different office locations
  • Strong frameworks experience, not just basic iOS application development, is a must
  • Passionate about mobile and user interaction on smart phones
  • Exceptional problem solving and communication skills
  • Strong understanding of interactive touch/gesture interfaces, application development paradigms and memory management
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